Remembering how we got here

Most simulation programs used in the US today can trace their history back through more than 40 years of publicly funded software R&D. Acronyms abound. The family tree includes names like the “post office program”, CAL-ERDA, DOE-2, BLAST, TRNSYS, and EnergyPlus. Funding came from USPS, ERDA, CEC, NBS, NIST, USDOE, and USDOD. Contributors worked at LBL, GARD, CCB, ANLL, CERL, UIUC, OSU, and FSEC. And I’m sure I’ve left many important acronyms off the list. It’s clear to me that my work as a simulation practitioner today would not be possible without those contributions and that public investment. Where do we go from here? I think we can all agree that we’re not finished advancing the methods

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